Foot Trails

Deane Preserve

River and Rail Trail

Howe Hill - 3 miles of hiking trails in East Poultney

Endless Brook - several miles of hiking/biking trails in Poultney with a view of Lake St. Catherine 

Cheater's Hill - 10k walking and running route in Poultney

Deane Preserve - 2 hour hike in Poultney with a view of Lake St. Catherine

Haystack Mountain - 3 hour hike in North Pawlet with 360 degree views

River and Rail Trail - 3 mile multi-use trail around downtown Poultney

Bomoseen and Half Moon State Park - several miles of hiking and nature trails in Castleton

Mt. Zion - several miles of hiking trails and zen gardens in Castleton

Lake St. Catherine State Park - short nature walk in Poultney

Buczek Marsh - short nature walk in Poultney

Birdseye Mountain - several miles of trails in Castleton, Ira and Poultney

Castleton University - a few miles of mutli-use trails in Castleton

Delaney Woods - a few miles of multi-use trails in Wells

Bicycling and foot trails in the Slate Valley region of southwestern Vermont